United Church of Christ (UCC)

2 Trinity Place, Norwalk CT 06854 | 203.853.2744 |Fax: 203.853.0131| miracletemple2@gmail.com

Miracle Temple Church of God in Christ


First Lady Yolanda Lewis-Kelly

Church Mothers

Mother Frances Cartwright & Mother Alice Lowry

Sunday School Superintendent

Aspiring Missionary Rose Smalls

Church Organist

Minister Maxwell Clemmons, Jr.

Church Announcer

Aspiring Missionary Pauline Rodgers

Men's Ministry - 

​Harry Penn

Men of God sharing their faith and God's plan of Salvation with those (ages 26+) in the church, community and world to promote spiritual, social, personal, financial and educational growth.

Nurse's Ministry -

Ethel Boykin

Providing physical wellness services for members and guests who are sick, injured or grief-stricken, offering emotional comfort or ensuring temporal care.


Pastor's Aide Committee -

Aspiring Missionary Pauline Rodgers

Serving as armor-bearers, assuring spiritual, moral and financial support of the pastor, to encourage and strengthen him for service to his family, congregation, community and the world.


Praise Dance and Drama Ministry -

Ambassador Faith Spencer

Bringing glory to God by performing saintly dancing, drama and other artistic renderings to enhance the worship experience.


Usher's Ministry -

Barbara Kerr

Providing friendly assistance and personal services to all members and guests prior to, during and after services and programs. Ensuring the ability to enjoy the worship experience and presence of the Lord.


Women's Ministry -

Aspiring Missionary Chyretta Robinson

Unifying, strengthening and encouraging women (ages 26+) in their service to God, the church and body of Christ.


Audio/Video Ministry -

Conan Robinson & Nashon L. Jefferson

Providing professional audio and visual highlights and reproductions of our church programs and services in effort to tell our story, increase exposure and compel others to come and worship with us or support our programs and ministries.

Web Design Ministry -

Providing professional connectivity design and interactive display of our church programs, services and ministries online, in effort to tell our story, increase exposure and compel others to come and worship with us.


Van Ministry -

Providing safe and inexpensive transportation services for members and others in need to participate in community and church-related programs and activities.


Youth Ministry -

Kathy Esaw

Providing spiritual growth and social/educational development for youth (ages 25 and under) to help strengthen their love of God, enhance self-understanding, and increase concern for others.

Christian Education Ministry - 

Pastor Jacob Kelly

Providing religious study and training to enhance spiritual maturity, increase knowledge of the bible and empower us to apply scripture to our daily lives as we set a Godly example for the world.

Benevolence/Bereavement Ministry -

Ethel Boykin

Providing financial, food, clothing and other support/services to needful or grieving members of the congregation and their families, and community, assisting them as they adjust to overwhelming situations.

Deacon's Ministry -

Deacon Joshua Cuffee

Assisting the pastor by ensuring the efficient execution of all aspects of our worship services and congregational watch care; they provide oversight of the grounds/building infrastructure; and examine all those who desire to unite with the church in an effort to equip them for ministry.


Deaconess Ministry -

Albertha Thigpen
Assisting the pastor with performance of sacraments to the congregation and community fulfilling the observance of church ordinances. 


Elders and Ministers' Council -

Assisting in expediting, officiating and facilitating services with (or in the absence of) the pastor, to ensure ongoing fellowship, spiritual, educational and personal growth of the congregation.


Evangelism and Christian Outreach -

Pastor Jacob Kelly

Developing strategies and opportunities for the unsaved and others in the church/community to win them over to Christ and encourage them to participate in fellowship with the church body.

Fellowship and Hospitality Ministry -

Providing friendly, kind and warm service to our guests and church members to enhance their time of dining and simple visitation.


Health and Wellness Ministry -

First Lady Yolanda Lewis-Kelly

Conducting and executing ongoing activities and events to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of our members and the community.

Meeters and Greeters Ministry -

Jerlene Esaw

Providing the first reflection of our warm love and kindness to guests and members as they enter the building to ensure a sense of unconditional welcome and encouragement throughout our services.

Missionary Ministry -

Ruthenia Mullins

Demonstrating the love of Christ by serving the needs of others in the church and community, helping each person feel a sense of worth as they obtain sustainability.

New Member's Ministry -

Michele McLean

Assists in acceptance and integration of new members to assure a smooth transition and assimilation into the church.

Music Ministry -

Verdell Dennison-Cuffee

Setting the spiritual atmosphere by providing music and songs of praise to enhance the worship experience for everyone attending programs and services.

Our Ministries

Miracle Temple Church of God in Christ ministries represent the spiritual and organizational life-blood of our great church. Ministry leaders are appointed by the pastor and serve for a one-year term. Although most ministries are listed here, the pastor may establish other ministries or committees as necessary to support the overall mission and effective operations of the church.